Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dear God!
This man must be the いちばんハンサム in the whole wide world!!!

He is so いちばんハンサム that I put his link in the いちばんハンサム-Group on our wonderful blog.

Check out his website: and be sure to watch the videos, especially the "Swedish" one. I don´t understand how that poor girl can keep a straight face when he´s bending over her talking about "his body missing sex". And then, when he wants to ikissyou her, she just does NOT want to.

I was also pleased to see his latest addition to the blog - a monologue about the prophed Muhammed and how Mahir asks us to "please respect my and all mulims religions and holys you too". Incredible!!!

りゅうだろ is SO forgotten!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hey guys!!

Our new movie session: こちら

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friday night ビッグ, たなかさん and ジスス went bowling.
They warmed up by watching The Big Lebowski - an epic love story about two men with balls and a rug.

After having studied some well designed bowling moves, they changed venue to Venus Fort Bowling Alley, also known as Mario Bowling Alley.

With paper cups full of good bowling brew and a pair of fancy shoes with a double french zipper they let the games begin.

It was an intense bowling match with some manly shouting and spanking. Throughout the match, victory could have gone to any one of these three bowling さむらいs.

However, in the very end it became clear that ビッグ and たなかさん had been hustled. ジスス did a number on the two gentlemen´s nerves and rolled herself, right to the "Nice" with a near-to-perfect roll. Needless to say, ビッグ and たなかさん took defeat with grace after a well played match.

Here are a few photos from the exciting night:

ビッグ and his balls. That fierce body language called for sheer terror in ビッグ´s competitors. They had no way of escaping his spanking.

The master of the "rolling technique" was, without question, たなかさん. Look at that leg, crossed over in the air. How about that left hand. The position of each and every finger is precisely what it´s supposed to be.

ジスス portrayed a more feminine move, with fingers of the right hand in the ball and pointing with the index finger of the left hand towards the direction of the rolling. The perfect move is then summoned up with a smile.

The cheerleaders of チェム "Big Lebowski" were anything but afraid to show some skin and dirty cheers.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was looking for new music in YouTube yesterday and remembered a really good mexican singer and acordeon player: Julieta Venegas. One of her most famous songs is "Lento" (trans. Slow)

Julieta Venegas - Lento

Do you recognize the city where is filmed this music video? ;)

And if you listen the first seconds, you can hear even the metro stop where was filmed too.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Some interesting stuff here. Someone should take 'em all before this link goes into the void...

Magic pen in action. Warning; it contains nudity! :D

* * *


It's time for big doc. daddy to join this fine team at last... Everybody get ready for the the big BATISTA. 今晩! Marioさん, don't be sad, at least we have イタリア人 to hate for the finale. Anyways, curling has always been for wussies and maricons だけ...

Nurse, scalpel please!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I`ve changed my mind!
From now on, I`m a big curling fan...

... and I`dont wanna talk about World Cup. I don`t even know what is that. I don`t like football anyway.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nina, this is special for you (and also for those who still don`t get the "World Cup Spirit")...

Chinese man pulls TV from fire to Cup

Did you see? People are interested in soccer, not in which one is いちばんハンサム!!